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Leszek Lewandowski
Founder of Auto Start Test

From an early age, I have always been interested in the automotive industry.

I can still remember the piles of automotive magazines that I would spend hours reading

and once finished I would put aside in the wardrobe with the thought that

one day they may still be of use to me.  

Unfortunately, after taking a different pathway in pursuing a career in catering

and working professionally as a chef,

my work schedule could not afford me the time that I would need to be able to devote to the passion of motoring.

Originally I came up with the idea for Auto Start Test

 I decided to buy my own camera to record my first presentation

of the second generation Audi A3 which after the success of this video

I recorded a few more presentations,

admittedly some of which did not always gain the amount of views I would have liked

but not all videos were posted on the web.

Eventually the day came

when I finally said to myself ‘if not now, then when?’ and that`s exactly how

Auto Start Test was created.

The big breakthrough for me came when my local Peugeot dealer generously made

the ‘3008’ model available for me to make a video presentation.

It was my very first video presentation of a brand new car.

but unfortunately under the influence of my emotions,

I actually forgot to bring my camera along with me during the test drive.

This lead to the material being recorded afterwards in the dealership car park.

Another success I achieved and one which I’m very proud of was establishing

a professional relationship with Vantage Motor Group,

thanks to the kindness of the marketing manager, I was able to have the opportunity

to carry out a presentation on the Toyota CH-R.

This then lead on to being one of the first to receive the Prius Plug In for a Toyota test

and my full presentation of this model was actually

the very first in the UK, Poland and maybe even Europe.

Of course, I do not stay in one place and further tests are already waiting for implementation.

At the beginning, Auto Start Test was just a fun activity for me,

which was just a stepping stone from everyday life,

but now it has become more than that and it is now a part of my life which I enjoy everyday.

As always take care of yourself and your four wheels


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